Monday, January 19, 2009

Ask Etta

Welcome to the first edition of "Ask Etta", my new monthly column designed to answer all of your questions. Today, I'm going answer some questions sent to me from my lovely new acquaintance and loyal blog reader, Ivanna Shoverova. Ivanna plays for Adelaide Roller Derby in South Australia (see the friends blogging can bring you?!). Thanks for the questions Ivanna!

Dear Etta,
How long have you been involved in derby? I've been involved in derby for one year and three months. I started as a fresh blood in October of 2007.
What/Who got you started? I went roller skating in late September of 2007 for the first time in many years. Roller skating was always something I LOVED and so I decided to check it out again for fun. I went to a local rink where one of our refs and player of The NY Shock Exchange, Rinkworm, happened to be skating. He approached me at the end of the session, gave me his card and told me I should try out for roller derby. I thought he was crazy! I didn't know much about the sport and had the common preconceived notion that it was just a lot of big girls throwing each other around. Ignorance on my part! I looked up the league's website, did a little bit of research, emailed MadDonna (one of our veterans and coaches) and showed up for tryouts......and the rest as they say is history!

What is your set up? I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "set up". Our track?? We practice at a local public skating rink (United Skates of America) during their off hours. The floor is made of wood. We sort of estimate track size on the rink and work within those imaginary lines. Our home bouts take place at a rink (Skate Safe America)that holds hockey games and has a sports court floor. Did you mean league set up??

Who is your most admired derby individual (can include refs/zebras/coaches)? This is such a difficult question because I admire any woman who makes an attempt at playing roller derby, but if I had to choose one person, it would be Captain Morgan, Captain and President of The Long Island Roller Rebels. She is first and foremost an amazingly, fearless blocker and hitter and her dedication to derby and in particular our league, is immeasurable. I admire the way she can take on such demanding responsibilities and still find fun in playing. She is derby!

Thanks so much for your questions Ivanna. I'll have another round of questions answered next month, so keep em' coming!


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