Monday, January 12, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Tonight was our second attempt to make it up to Westchester County. Chest Blockwell picked me up and we trekked up North to attend a Suburbia practice and although we arrived late (due to traffic), we made it! On the way Chest and I joked as we approached the exit where the demise of Captain's car took place two nights earlier. We remembered landmarks and imagined how the five of us looked standing there in the snow.

When we arrived at The Yonkers P.A.L. Center, practice had already started and was about 1/2 way through. Chest and I, still both coughing from whatever sickness we have, geared up, warmed up, stretched and then joined the rest of the welcoming league. IV Drop ran a well organized and fun practice. The drills we participated in were all pack/scrimmage/jammer assist drills. Each one a little different and all of which were great practice for strategy and bouting. We heard that the first half of practice consisted of some grueling endurance and just after a bout! Go Suburbia! Sorry we missed out on that, but we definitely enjoyed the last half!

It was a pleasure to meet ALL of you wonderful ladies (some for the second time). Thank you all for having us. Ann Sane and Suffah Kate, awesome chatting with you both. Special thanks to Taryn Limbs for letting me try on her skates. Little feet deserve comfort too! My skates hurt my feet and I always want to try someone else's on to see how I like them. Unfortunately, no one in my league has feet even close to my size and as you know, there aren't any stores around here that sell skates. So thanks again! El Pass-O, I didn't have a chance to try yours out, maybe next time?

Thanks again for having us ladies. Hope to see you all again soon!

Etta Jams

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to Suburbia!!!!

See you soon!!