Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rockabilly Roller

In junior high school there is always a girl who everyone wants to be like, dress like, talk like. Well this Roller Rebel is one who we all want to skate like. Johnny Cash listening, flask carrying, pompadour wearing, with long legs of fury; this rockabilly roller will whip by you so fast, the wind in her trails just may knock you over. Her legs are about the length of some small skaters and it seems as though she can make it half way around the track with just two crossovers. Some skaters are fast, some block well, and some have great form. This derby girl flawlessly possess all of those skills and at the same time makes them all look so easy to do. She is truly devoted to the sport and you will understand this when you watch her skate. To be up against her on the track, I wish you luck because you will probably be left in the dust. Meet the skater who somehow makes it all come together so easily. Roller Rebel of the month, Amaretto Sourpuss!!

Derby Name: Amaretto Sourpuss

Derby #: 214 aka 2Ns

Position: Jammer, Pivot, Blocker

Worst derby injury: I don't get em', I give em'

Describe roller derby in one word: Extreme

If you could invite anyone to play derby with you, who would it be?: My friend Cassie from VA Beach and my puppy Hollywood.

Favorite derby memory: Getting thrown out of the Delaware bout with Jefferee and him throwing a chair.

Tell me something about you that would surprise people: I'm an excellent parallel parker.

Always: Look dangerous

Never: Eat Chipotle or Regine's knishes before a bout

A great skater: Stays focused and never gives up

Before a bout I: Drink 8 hour energy shots with Chest Blockwell

When I am not playing derby: I am drunk

Skate on!!
Want to learn more about Amaretto Sourpuss? Visit the team page on our website and click on her name to view her bio.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Derby Big Sister!
Congrats and keep kickin arse and train me well please :-)