Saturday, January 10, 2009

Derby In Tow

Late afternoon, I started to get dressed and ready for tonight's event. Hair done and make up on, I grabbed my hat, scarf, gloves and coat and made my way out into the falling snow towards D-Ball's house. One stop to pick her up and then off to Captain Morgan's apt where a total of ten of us would meet up and drive to the Suburbia bout. Her adorable cats Maverick and Goose rolled around at our feet, begging for some attention, but we were too busy with make up application and victory rolling. Soon, we were ready to go. We split up into two cars. D-Ball, FB Mary Kate, Captain, Chest and I were in one car. While Tail Gunner Flo, Amaretto Sourpuss, Doc Block, FB Jenn and FB Jessica were in another. Off we went.

The snow started to come down a little harder and faster than when I first left my apartment, but traffic was moving and we were well on our way. We laughed, listened to music and talked as Chest drove. We were about half way there when all of a sudden, the car would no longer accelerate. Chest's foot was on the gas, but the car was not moving. She somehow made it over to the shoulder just in time before the car just completely shut down. We made a call to the girls in the other car to find out their whereabouts. They had already made it over the bridge and were past us. So Chest made a call to 311 and we got out of the car; her advising us how dangerous it is to be in a parked car on the side of the highway. So out in 28 degree weather, with snow falling and wind blowing, we stood behind the barrier of the snow-filled shoulder. Not long after, a tow truck pulled up to help us out. Great, I'm thinking, he can take the car, but how are we all going to fit in that tow truck? Are we going to have to walk until we find a place to keep warm and wait? Who can we call that can pick us up quickly or at all? Will we make it to the bout? Suddenly, the tow truck driver, whose name shall remain anonymous, told us that one of us could ride in the cab with him and the rest of us could get in the car while he towed it! We complied. This roller coasteresque experience was a first for all of us. We sat there as this cable lifted the front end of the car on to a flatbed, which remained in a tilted position for the entire ride. Chest chatted up the driver about derby and we gained a new fan. He got us to the nearest service station where we waited for Jefferee to pick us up. The driver spoke to us about derby and how he can't wait to come to our next bout. He surveyed us and then said "Do you all play"? We answered "yes". Then he looked over at me and said "Even you"? We laughed as I told him that small girls play too!

As we stood in the tiny, cold office of the station, we still managed to laugh and have fun. That's when you know you're with the right people. Friends who can share a good time no matter what.

Jefferee picked us up, we piled into the warm car and all went out for dinner. So although we didn't make it to the bout, we still had fun being together.

As for the girls who made it to the bout, we all exchanged text and picture messages and they seemed to be having a great time!
So Suburbia, hope you ladies had a great bout and sorry that only half of us made it out to see you. We'll catch the next one!
Etta Jams


Anonymous said...

This was an awesome night I love hanging out with my derby family!

Next time we'll make it to the bout but even thou we didn't....I still loved that night and will remember it for a long time!

FB Mary Kate

The Long Island Roller Rebels said...

I couldn't agree more MK!