Sunday, January 4, 2009


I recently put a poll up on the blog asking if you would like to see more question and answer posts. Only 9 people voted, but they all voted 'yes'. That said, I am going to move forward and feature some new Q&A posts. I've been thinking about the possible ways to go about getting questions asked and answered and I thought I would throw my ideas out to you and get some input. Here are some things I have in mind:

-Veterans ask Fresh Bloods questions
-Readers ask the Ettator questions
-The Ettator asks you questions
-The Ettator asks random people roller derby questions

I'm open to other suggestions as well. So please do let me know your thoughts on this.


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Ivanna Shoverova said...

I'd love to see you answering some questions! How much are your thighs burning today? Heh. Mine are a bit touchy, unfortunately it's my lower back that's feeling the effects of a push/pull train drill today!

In all seriousness, when you start collecting questions I have some basics:

How long have you been involved in derby?

What/who got you started?

What is your set up?

Who is your most admired derby individual (can include refs/zebras/coaches).