Saturday, March 7, 2009

Can't Keep The Rebels Down

Last Sunday night into Monday, it snowed. It snowed a lot. By the time it had finally stopped, there was well over a foot of the white stuff on the ground. We have experienced a harsh winter and I can recall starting off so many posts talking about the severe weather we've had here in NY. The thing is, it never seems to stop the Roller Rebels from accomplishing whatever it is they've got planned. Our events still go on and people still show up. To me, that says a lot. Dedication, love, determination. We all have busy lives. We are care takers, commuters, lawyers, physical therapists, art buyers, office managers, teachers, interpreters, bartenders, photographers, mothers and friends. We get sick, we get tired, we work two jobs, over time and go to meetings. We go to school and send the kids to school, we attend family functions, and friend's weddings . We are and do all of these things, but we manage to always find time for our great love, roller derby. And so, on Monday night through the snow and ice, The Rebels kept their promise and made their way out to Nassau Coliseum for The Date. The event was a huge success and thanks to all of you who bought tickets, we were able to make some money to benefit our league. I have to give a big thanks also to my dear friend D-Ball, who is forever camera ready. Here are some pictures she took from the event:

See you all at the next one.......

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