Monday, June 15, 2009

Help an Ettator Out

How are you all doing? If you remember, I've had some life "things" going on which deterred me from Rebel Yell upkeep. As a result, I've neglected to address my own monthly blog columns; Ask Etta and everyone's favorite Roller Rebel of The Month. It seems my set back a few months ago left me little time to catch up on those. So, I thought I would ask for a little help from my friends. Yes, that means you!
Next month, I will bring back Roller Rebel of the month and I would like all of you to nominate someone. This includes any Roller Rebel; Skater, ref, non-skating official, coach, volunteer, announcer, etc. To keep things fair and ensure that everyone gets their Rebel Yell fame, if someone was already interviewed for the blog, she/he will not be eligible to win (sorry). This includes:

Captain Morgan
Cyanide Kisses
Amaretto Sourpuss
Regine Bull
Anita Cookie
Celtic Thunder

The person with the most nominations (you may nominate more than one person) will be featured next month. So let the games begin! Email me ( with your vote, no later than June 21st and stay tuned to see who is chosen.
Thanks for lending a hand!


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