Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Face The Facts

Hey all - its Muscles Marinara dishing out some Derby Trivia for you. See how good your derby knowledge is without looking up the answers. I will post the answers in next months column.

Good luck and enjoy!

1. The term "Roller Derby" started being used to describe our beloved sport in:

A: 1955
B: 1922
C: 1943
D: 1892

2. We play under WFTDA, but what does OSRD stand for?

A. Ole Safe Roller Derby
B. Opposite Skate Roller Derby
C. Old School Roller Derby
D. Oxford State Roller Derby

3. When the media promotes roller derby, they promote the sport the same way as this other sport:

A. Professional Football
C. Professional Hockey
D. Professional Wrestling


Rogzilla said...

1. B: 1922

2. I would guess C. Old School Roller Derby, but do you mean OSDA (Old School Derby Association)?

3. D. Professional Wrestling, and this annoys roller derby players to no end. ;p

Grand Poobah said...

Roller derby wasn't played as an actual sport until 1937. Leo Seltzer's Trans-continental Roller Derby started in 1935 as a skating marathon, which is what the events in the 1920s were.