Saturday, July 25, 2009

Color Me Bad

A while back I brought up the idea of more posts about fashion in the world of derby. One or two of you were opposed to the idea, but most of you were interested in hearing more about it. To those of you who were opposed, I assure you that by writing this blog post, I am in no way trying to take away from the athleticism of the sport. Derby is a REAL sport, but let's face it, as far as sports players go, roller girls wear some of the best and most interesting uniforms out there!

I am in love with my new Ladies of Laceration uniform. My teammate Eve L. Taco aka Reverend Eve L. was placed in charge of figuring out and ordering our uniforms. Imagine trying to please 11 women, all having different shapes and sizes?? Well, she somehow made the impossible possible and we all were able to agree on a button down, white top. Taco came up with the idea of having our logo embroidered on the front

with our name and number printed on the back in red and black. She also thought up the fun idea of ripping the sleeves off. Our bottoms she decided would be left up to each individual skater, just as long as they chose something red. It just so happened that most of us had bought the same shinny red Derby Skinz for ourselves, which worked out well.

Photo by Christina Dunalewicz

When I first joined roller derby, I was all about wearing skirts. I loved the idea of a woman, playing a rough sport, while still looking feminine. Now however, I am a big fan of booty shorts aka lollies. Derby Skinz makes such cool designs and they fit really well. I find that it's so much easier to move when you have less fabric flying around. Just how some women marathon runners wear those little bottoms that could pass for underwear. I suppose they have the same concept in mind. Less fabric = swifter movement. Check out Paula Radcliffe's bottoms here:While I love my uniform and wouldn't change it, I felt that The Wicked Wheelers definitely had a presence on the track. Wearing one solid color was a great way to make it look like a sea or in relation to derby, a huge wall. Nothing was split up and though they were already a strong team, the uniformity of their all green dresses made them that way more so.

Photos by Christina Dunalewicz

As fans, what did you all think? Did you prefer one uniform over the other?

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