Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Are You Thinking About?

I just got home from dinner with my niece Natalie and my sister Frann. They went to a yoga class together prior to us meeting up at the restaurant. Natalie was telling me about the yoga class and how the instructor told them that the average person has about 67,000 thoughts in a single day! 67,000!! Some of them are the same over and over, but still, that seems like a lot of thoughts, doesn't it?

What we think about is really up to us. Seems like such a simple statement, but really it's quite a mouthful. I'm a firm believer in that what we think about affects our lives and that our thoughts can enable us to have a good day, a better afternoon and a superb evening or quite the opposite. Of course, there are those times when life consumes us and our so called positive thoughts are stuck in the back of our brains behind a wall of doom, but we have to move past them eventually and keep on going.

I've had a lot of days lately where it seems as though life is not serving me up my favorite foods, but rather a plate of three-day old cold, leftovers. How do I get through this? I pretend my cold plate of eats are a hot burrito with chips and salsa on the side. At the end of those horrid days, I go back through them in my head, and I find as many things as I can that made me happy. It could be the smallest thing ever, such as, the Coca Cola I drank with my lunch (that really did make me happy one day), to a larger thing like, I found $50. The latter hasn't happened, but I'm hopeful.

I know that a lot of girls have had some battles (myself included) at practice, with themselves and with learning the skills of the game. Maybe you're new to the sport and you feel like you'll never pick up on anything you're learning or maybe you're a veteran who is injured and every time your skates hit the floor, you can still feel the pain from when you fell. Whatever the case, I think if you try and get at least one good thing out of practice or playing, you've got something you didn't have before. Maybe your teammate made you laugh hard. Maybe you your T-stops improved slightly from the week before, or maybe that practice can be looked at as time spent with people who make you happy. Whatever it is, take it with you and keep it.

A lot of my teammates know that I'm corny, and I'm ok with that because these little, silly things I do help me cope and I'm happy to share them in the hopes that they will help you too.

Etta Cornball Jams


Rogzilla said...

A quote that's been inspiring me lately:

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

- Winston Churchill

frannie said...

Hey sister. I think you should change your profession to a writer. You are so creative. Not only are you good at jamin, your great at writing!