Monday, July 20, 2009

Red, White and Green!

Were you there? Did you see it all go down? Well if you weren't you sure missed out!

On July 11th, The Long Island Roller Rebels brought another night of fantastic derby action to Skate Safe as The Wicked Wheelers played The Ladies of Laceration. The Wheelers definitely came out strong in the first period, racking up the points and receiving next to no penalties. The Ladies did well, but one too many players spent some time in the box. In the second half however, it was quite the opposite! The Wheelers made their way to the box a few times too many, as The Ladies started scoring more and more points. Ultimately, The Ladies points didn't beat those of The Wheelers and the green team won the bout. Congratulations Wheelers!

It was so much fun to be out there playing and each team seemed to have their very own cheering sections in the audience. Former players came in their old uniforms supporting the new players as they continuously rang cow bells and screamed out our names as we whizzed by them.
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Afterwards, we made our way over to Whoville for food and drinks and dancing.

The next day, sore and bruised, I traveled over to Otto's Sea Grill in Freeport to meet up with some of my girls and listen to some good ole' rockabilly. Our favorite band The Buzzards played a few sets outdoors. And as always, they sounded fantastic! The sun was shining, the food was good and I was surrounded by my adopted family, The Roller Rebels. What more could I ask for?

It was a great weekend and the good thing is, there are many, more to come!

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