Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little Bit About My Girls

Roller derby from the very start has been a thrill ride for me, one I don't ever want to get off of. Sometimes when I stop to think about and attempt to explain my whole experience, there are just so many memories, emotions and feelings that run around in my head and really, I don't know where or how to begin. As I continue to try and dissect each and every positive aspect of being a part of The Roller Rebels, I come up with new things I want to share with all of you.

Today I got to thinking about my girls, my teammates and just thought I'd put it all out there to let you know what joining a league can bring you. These girls are family to me. Now we don't all have the same type of relationship with one another, but I think that holds true with any group. There are the girls who I would trust to get me through the pack, girls I would trust with a secret, girls I would trust to tell me the correct way to carry out a drill and some girls I trust with so much more. There are my "sisters" who I laugh with, those I've raced against, those who have stuck by my side through some very rough times. There are those I look up to with respect and admiration and those who I've taught new things. Some have become close friends, some have showed me some fun times. I have made some truly amazing friends and formed very special bonds with a lot of the girls. Bonds that won't ever be broken. I found a place where no matter what, I can always be myself. A place where so many different people come together and they're all around, not because they have to be there, but because they want to be there. This is not the family I was born into, whom I also happen to love, this is the family I have chosen to be a part of.

Thanks girls for making derby and life so much fun!!


sleeping booty said...

yep. there are just some girls that make our lives mo' betta!

Anonymous said...

The girls are lucky to have you as a sister too!!!!
Love Frannie (the real sister!)