Saturday, February 20, 2010

Physical and Mental

People everywhere are tuning in to watch the 2010 Winter Olympics. It’s such an amazing event and with so many different competitions, there’s sure to be at least one to catch your attention. The athletes are all so inspiring. Even those who don't place have achieved the goal of performing this year, a huge accomplishment in itself.

The Roller Rebels' message board has been lighting up with messages to and from teammates regarding the speed skating competitions. It’s hard not to compare certain aspects of this sport to that of roller derby. We’re all closely watching the skaters form, footwork, speed and in regards to the relay races, teamwork.

In roller derby, stance and form are so important and are skills we continuously enforce and practice. Proper stance helps with speed, balance and can also help a skater to avoid hits. Another important skill is footwork. Fast footwork can help you pass other skaters, as proven so effortlessly by
Apolo Anton Ohno, who has currently won seven metals. SEVEN metals!!

Of course being in top shape, endless hours of practice and perfecting skills are all undeniably going to help you (athletes) get to the top. However, I believe that conditioning your mind is also necessary to help you to achieve all that you can. If you listen to the interviews with the winning Olympic athletes, you will hear them talk of their positive thoughts, confidence and belief in themselves and what they are striving to do.

These competetors are so inspiring and have us Rebels reved up to play and work harder to achieve our goals on the track. A month before our first home bout, well these winter games could not have come at a better time!


Anonymous said...

got to go do some trainning like applo now sit up skating running up the hill who's in

Anonymous said...

Nice, sister. Very well written!!!