Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pass it on!

Yesterday afternoon, a co-worker handed me an article he had cut out from the morning's Daily News.  As I read it, I was amazed at how such a small amount of words could bring across such an important message.  In the article, Megan Hartman talked about Gotham Girls winning their first national championship for WFTDA.  GO GOTHAM!! Obviously a moment to be celebrated by fans and players alike.  As wonderful as that new is, what I liked most about Hartman's article was her strong fight to get derby girls recognized as the true athletes that they are.  I am hoping this article sheds some light on those less informed about the sport and that as a result roller derby will be more widely accepted for what it truly is; A real sport.  Another important fact that Hartman touched upon was how women who devote a lot of time to practicing and playing derby, also hold down full time jobs. Please read this article and pass it on.  Pass it on to your fellow roller girls.  Pass it on to your local newspapers.  Pass it on to those who still believe that roller derby is a staged performance.  Pass it on.........

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