Monday, November 10, 2008

Two causes worth blogging a 'bout'

Did everyone have as much fun as I did this weekend?  Seriously, this last bout was probably the most exciting one I've been to, EVER.  The night was filled with some serious entertainment. Live music from Psycho Rainbow, face painting, food and beer, a belly dancing half time show (thanks to Katie, D-Ball's sister), raffles, comedy from our animated announcers Jake and Pete and of course, non-stop derby action from your favorite roller girls!!.  As coach of the Pink team, I can tell you that my girls rocked it!! They all pushed it really hard out there on the track and I was proud to see some of the best jamming and blocking of the season.  It's no argument though, that the Black team was on point. Even with Pink in the lead by half time, The Black team won victoriously with a 30 point lead!! Final score 121-91.  Go Black!!  In the end though, the children were the winners.  Thanks to all of you who came and showed your support, Schneider Children's Hospital will be receiving a donation of over $2000!  Something we can all feel really great about.  

I want to thank all of the fans and volunteers again for coming and showing their support. I would especially like to thank all of the skaters who came to help out with this very important bout.  The Hudson Valley Horrors and Boardwalk Brawlers, it was a great pleasure having you guys! Hopefully we can set up a scrimmage with you all in the near future!  And as always, a big thanks to Skate Safe!  Today in celebration of all the fun, I am wearing a pink sweater with black stars on it ;-)

The day after the bout, a bunch of us rallied up to help support one of our favorite motorcycle clubs, The Long Island Road Runners.  We first met this fantastic group in July at our car and bike wash and they have been non-stop supporters of our league ever since.  Yesterday, the Road Runners held a fundraiser, "The Rally For Chuck",  to help support their close friend Chuck O'Connor who was struck by a car while riding on July 18th.  For more information, please visit their website. These guys really know how to throw a fundraiser!  Three live bands, over 60 prizes and giveaways, food and drinks and a fantastic crowd.  Thanks for allowing the Roller Rebels to be a part of this event.  Hey Scorpion, want to help us organize our next event?  hee hee  We wish Chuck and his family all the very best!

Thanks again to everyone who supported us this weekend!!

Proud Pink Team Coach - Etta Jams

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