Tuesday, May 19, 2009


With our season opener now over, it's back to practice and back to our agendas. The Roller Rebels have several committees which were formed to help keep the league organized. We have a fantastic group of new skaters who have taken over the recruitment committee and they are doing a phenomenal job bringing in Fresh Bloods and helping them out with paper work, while also answering all of their questions. And so, there are some more girls who will be taking the next skills test which will be happening at the end of this month! Such an exciting time when you're new but really it's also exciting for us veterans. We love to watch how our girls progress and it makes us happy to know that once they pass their tests, they will soon be bouting along side us! If you are interested in becoming a Long Island Roller Rebel, please email our head of recruitment Violet KnockOut at Violetknockout@longislandrollerrebels.com for more information. We are always looking for new players and no experience is necessary. Our coaches will teach you all you need to know about how the game of derby is played.

In addition, the rest of the committees will be working hard to bring you some fun fundraising events, new things in the press and new merchandise. They will also be forming teams, planning new strategies and so much more!

Stay tuned...........


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