Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Home Teams!!

I'm happy to announce the brand new home teams (listed in alphabetical order) for The Long Island Roller Rebels' 2009 season!! So if you have a favorite roller girl, be sure to check the list below and find out which team you should be routing for! We're looking forward to bringing some great action to the track and we can't wait for all of you to see it!!
The Ladies of Laceration
Baby Bop YO Face
Etta Jams
Eve L. Taco
Fresh Blood Jill McB
Muscles Marinara
Tail Gunner Flo
Violet KnockOut

The Rolling Thundercats
Celtic Thunder
Chest Blockwell
Cyanide Kisses
Doc Block
Freudy N. Slip
Mean Frostine
Raven Madd
Serial Mom

The Wicked Wheelers
Amaretto Sourpuss
Anita Cookie
Captain Morgan
Carnage Electra
Fresh Blood Christine
Fresh Blood Cory
Fresh Blood Jennie
Greasy DeeCee
Ninja Starr
Red SnapHer

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