Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Strength of a Heart

Yet another Roller Rebel proves their strength! Yesterday one of our announcers Pete Bune, underwent a heart procedure that I am happy to announce went well. Please include Pete in your thoughts and prayers so that his recovery goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible!! Pete, we are all routing for you and wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! GET WELL SOON!!
Below is a message from The Rebels' other announcer Jake:
My best friend and co-announcer, Pete Bune is in the hospital for an arrhythmia that has been generally making his life miserable over the past 18 months. This is the 2nd time he's been hospitalized in the last 9 days and he is currently awaiting a quite common, but nevertheless, quite scary procedure to repair/remove/laser the damaged/extraneous/vestigial Heart tissue that has caused his heart rate to reach a high of 213 beats per minute. For a little perspective, the average human heart rate at rest is somewhere around 68 beats per minute. In addition, today (May 27th) the day of his surgery is also his freakin' 32nd BIRTHDAY!!! He's been in good spirits and I've been in to visit him, but he's also gearing up for the aforementioned procedure, in which they need to induce the condition where his heart beats out of his chest, meaning he has to be AWAKE the entire time.

If there's any sort of higher power you guys pray to, please put in a good word with him/her/it for our announcer and my heterosexual life-mate. He's going to undergo the procedure around 1PM and I'm pretty much going to be a nervous wreck until I hear he's okay afterwards. You ladies are the best and I appreciate anything you can do, say, or think positively in his direction. Much love to you all and I'll be making with the updates as they become available.
Jake Steel

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