Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roller Rebels and Remembrance

As you may have heard me mention, several times, we have become friends with a great bunch of people who are all part of a sensational motorcycle club called The Long Island Road Runners MC. They have come to support us at several fundraisers and we can always count on seeing them in the stands at our bouts. We have formed a friendship with this club that we hope continues on forever! This past Monday, The Roller Rebels were invited by the Road Runners to a very important event. Not only that, but I was honored to be provided with a full write up about the day, complete with photos, by The RR's very own Scorpion! Thank you Scorpion for taking the time out to write this wonderful article. With my hectic schedule, it's very much appreciated!!

On Memorial Day, Monday May 25th, RoadRunners MC made our 2nd annual ride to The Veteran's Place in Yaphank. The Veteran's Place provides assistance to Vet's who are considered MIA - Missing In America. As a group we try to honor the idea that

A Veteran, whether active duty, retired, National Guard or Reserve - is someone who at one point in his or her life wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America, for an amount of 'up to and including my life.'

RoadRunners MC and friends delivered much needed donations of canned goods, clothing and toiletries to the Veterans, along with grateful appreciation for their service to our country. We worked hard to remind these men that they have NOT been forgotten.The club delivered a custom made charcoal grill as well as a new gas grill (assist by Brawlette) to the Vet's and provided a great BBQ lunch. Knowing we could count on them to do their part, we invited the Long Island Roller Rebels to share this day and as usual the girls did not disappoint. Handling a lot of the meet and greet chores, taking pics with the Vet's, talking with them and listening to their stories, they made a lasting impression on the men. To quote one very enthusiastic Veteran, "All the girls are wonderful, but that Sleeping Booty is something else. Not only is she beautiful, but what a personality!" In addition to Booty, Chest Blockwell, Serial Mom, Anita Cookie, Smurfetish and FB Olivia (who is herself an Army Veteran) all represented the Roller Rebels in fine fashion, helped make a group of once forgotten men feel a little more appreciated and proved once again to be great friends. RoadRunners MC would like thank all the Rebels for their support and friendship. For more pics of our visit with the Vet's go to For more info on what the Veterans' Place does and how you can help, visit or see any RoadRunner MC member at a Long Island Roller Rebels bout.

Special thanks to FB Olivia for her service to our country.

Scorpion, RRMC

Thank you again to Scorpion and the rest of the Road Runners! See you all again soon.....

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sleeping booty said...

scorpion & etta- awesome article!! that day was so fun and i hope the guys are able to make it to our bout in july!
and for the record- i choose to take that "something else" as a compliment!!