Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blood On The Track

I am SO happy to introduce to you The Rebel Yell's newest writer, the fantastic Fresh Blood Marcy. Below you will find the first entry for her new column, Blood On The Track. Check in weekly as FB Marcy takes us through her experiences as a new skater for the Roller Rebels.

BLOOD ON THE TRACK: A Fresh Bloods Journey Into Roller Derby

Chapter One – FEAR & 40

July 3rd, 2008 was the day that I turned 40. This was also the day that I decided to stop being afraid. Afraid of failing. Afraid of succeeding. Most of all, afraid of living.

The day I turned 40, I went skydiving.The week I turned 40, I started riding motorcycles.

During my 40th year I met a girl named Jill – You know her as J-Bone.

In the Spring of 2009 – J-Bone started talking about Roller Derby – All derby ALL the time! Every time I saw her – Derby. Meeting up for coffee – Derby. While she was doing all of my tattoos – Derby. DERBY, DERBY, DERBY!!! I didn’t really get it. My only knowledge of Roller Derby was an old Charlie’s Angels episode from the 1970’s, banked track and a lot of clothes lining and elbows to the face. Still, J-Bone was my friend and she was clearly excited about her new endeavor. Never one to slow down, the life of a Derby Girl really seemed to suit her. In fact, I’d never seen her so happy. I was happy for her.

Then it started.

“Marcy, you should come to a bout”

“Yeah, sure, I will”

“Hey Marcy, when are you coming to a bout”

“Soon Jill, soon”

“Marcy, you’re athletic – you kickbox and play soccer, hockey etc – You should try out for Derby!”

“Um, huh??”

There was that nagging fear again. Me, play roller derby? I’m in my 40’s!! I’m too old – too busy – too tired – too…you get the idea.

I suppose I could have come up with a thousand and one reasons why NOT. The truth was, I was afraid. Afraid of falling down, afraid of not being able to skate, afraid of looking silly, afraid of (insert illogical reason here)

Then I went to a Roller Rebels Bout – It was the Intra-League Championship Bout – and I had an amazing time – and I didn’t understand ANYTHING!! I made J-Bone give me a tutoring session a few days later to explain what the heck you ladies were doing out there. What does a Jammer do? How do you score points? Why the heck was everyone getting sent to the penalty box?

Then I went to another bout – LIRR v. Molly Rogers Roller Girls – THIS was the psychic change moment for me and Derby – By the 2nd half of the bout, I.Just.Got.It – It all made (sort-of) sense. I was on my feet, screaming, cheering and getting hoarse! My heart was pumping and by the end of the final jam, I was a little veklempt (that’s Yiddish for choked-up).

I went to the after party and took in the pride of a bout well played, and watched all the girls languish in the “Sisterhood” that seems to permeate from Roller Derby. And at that moment I knew I wanted to know what that felt like. So, on November 17th, 2009 – all 41 years of me stopped being afraid and showed up at United Skates in Seaford, checked my fear and my pride at the door, laced up a pair of rental quads, and pushed off on my journey into Roller Derby. Fresh Blood Marcy was born.

More to come.

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