Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Best of 2009

I didn't get a huge response to my request for achievements/events of 2009, but with these responses, quality makes up for quantity.......

"I think our recruitment night was amazing! Also, beating the Molly Roger Roller Girls is something I'll never forget." - Baby Bop Yo Face
"Me skating the last 30 seconds of the Wicked Wheelers vs. Ladies of Laceration bout with both hands on Chest Blockwell's boobies. And I didn't get a penalty." - Eve L. TacoThere are just so many amazing things that happened this year, but I tried to narrow the list down. In no particular order, here are some of my favorites from 2009:

- Seeing Cyanide Kisses, Eve L. Taco and Cheeter Steele stay strong, brave and positive after breaking bones. These girls are amazing!!

- Forming our three teams again for the first time in a few years

- Amaretto Sourpuss appearing in Blood and Thunder

- Pete recovering from his heart surgery

- Our fabulous commercial

- Our attempted trip to Suburbia's bout

- Our trip to ECE
And two very personal things for me:

- Finding the person who always keeps me rolling

- Winning the Best Jammer award for The Ladies of Laceration

Feel free to add anything from your lists in the comments here.

Good luck to all in accomplishing everything you set out to do this year!

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