Monday, February 23, 2009

Born to Roll

Imagine you're reading a book. It's a fiction story about a superb athlete, a superhero if you will, who moves around from one sport to the next and becomes the Michael Jordan of them all. A champion mountain boarder with record breaking skills who is sponsored by companies and featured in magazines. A skateboarder, rolling up and down half pipes, making the drops without hesitation, like it was second nature. Flying in the air, defying gravity, completely undaunted. From a dry board onto a wet, the athlete continues to trancend the ordinary. Surfing enormous waves, owning what was once shark's territory. From the open sea, to the cold snow, the character has sprung in to action once again, this time, on a snowboard. Gliding down the mountain, plunging into action and landing with precision, indomitable.

Now close the book and read no more. This superhero, redefining the definition of a strong independent woman, has come to life. She is real, her name is C-Roll and she skates for The Long Island Roller Rebels.

She moves around on her skates much the way she moves from board to board, with speed and without hesitation. For this all star jammer, fast does not exist in her vocabulary, let's instead call it supersonic speed. On the track she will lap you and lap you and lap you and lap you. She barrels through the pack with the endurance and velocity of a race car and she does this without as much as a twitch. Try and beat this futuristic competitor, I dare you! Just keep in mind that this superhero knows no Kryptonite

Derby Name: C-Roll
Position: Jammer/Pivot/ Blocker
Worst derby injury: Broken tooth with a bloody nose, face plant to the floor. Thanks Barbie the only day I decided not to wear a mouth guard, Murphy's Law.
Describe roller derby in one word: Skaters
If you could invite anyone to play derby with you, who would it be?
(eg. famous person, friend, enemy, family member, etc.): My team would rock with Michelle Kwan, Amy Fisher, Tonya Harding, PARIS Hilton (I bet she can kick your ass, if not she can pay someone to do it) & Drew Barrymore
Favorite derby memory: There are just so many good memories. Me scoring, I think it was 26 points in one jam that was pretty amazing. The first derby fight with the bad girls wow the crowd went wild. First season chaos.
Tell me something about you that would surprise people: I'm part robot running on Red Bull for my rocket fuel.
Always: Give it your all
Never: Quit, unless its cigs
A great skater: Comes with practice and time
Before a bout I: Pray no one gets hurt too bad
When I am not playing derby I: Make music & movies, snowboard, surf, skate and a whole bunch of other cool stuff with friends & family


Anonymous said...

seriously. this was well deserved. C-Roll is from the future. Best All around athlete...

Anonymous said...

Seriously congrats C-Roll you deserve Rebel of the Month! I still get excited and happy to see you on pg 116 of "Roller Derby" by Catherine Mabe

I still am in awe when I watch you skate as a jammer and hope that if I ever get to try my luck as jammer that I can channel my inner C-Roll.

-Anita Cookie