Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Check Out The Skills On Her!

I arrived at practice early last night for a meeting with the rest of the coaching committee. Captain Morgan prepped us on grading the physical skills tests which our Fresh Bloods would be taking just an hour later. After that, I was able to get a few warm up laps in and chat with some of the girls.

Then it began, the moment all of the new skaters had been waiting for, the physical skills test. I saw the nervousness in the faces of some, the excitement and confidence in others. As I graded the different strides, crossovers and hits, I took notice that although each of the girls skated differently, they all had one thing in common, determination. It was encouraging to see them out there working hard to meet the goal that they had set out for themselves when they started; To play roller derby. After 2 1/2 hours of testing, the coaching committee met up once again to go over all of the results.

We're excited to announce that a good number of skaters will be losing the title of Fresh Blood and will finally be called by the new names they have chosen for themselves! Congratulations ladies! Speaking of names, I am in the process of determining if we have a winner for the derby name contest and will let you know the results soon enough!

Finally, I wanted to send a message out to our girls who did not pass the skills test. Take your time, continue to work hard and you will achieve your goals! We're all in this league together and for that reason, we help one another. Stay positive, ask the vets questions and continue to practice hard. We're all rooting for you and will catch you at the next test.


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