Sunday, February 1, 2009

Morristown Part 1

Saturday afternoon, several cars filled with several derby girls traveled several miles from New York down to New Jersey, for The Morristown Madams' first home bout of 2009. Like all bouts, this one was a thrill to watch. The rink seats were filled with an overwhelmingly large amount of ambitious Long Island Roller Rebel fresh bloods, who were very eager to observe (some for the first time) and learn how the game of derby is played.
I was definitely impressed with how many of our new girls came out and if it wasn't for this damn derby plague that seems to be traveling from one player to the next, even more of them would have been there. Did you have fun and learn a lot FBs?

It's always an interesting game when you're rooting for both sides. Cheering gets divied up and at times, you're not sure who you should be applauding. So you clap and whistle and encourage for both. But of course, in the end, one team will triumph and earn the title of The Winners. Saturday night, that team was The Hudson Valley Horrors. The Horrors have a solid team, not to mention some incredible style! Pinky Swears of The Horrors, plays every position with precision and ease. I watched in amazement as she went from blocking in one jam to jamming in the next and then on to blocking again. Puffy Bangs has a low, mean, booty block and the coolest and most intimidating face guard I've ever seen! Rough Gem as always did a great job jamming and Rxy Ramalotte's got a hard hit and some fantastic eye make up applying skills. Let's not forget the powerful players of The Madams. Mega Menace is definitely a star for The Morristown Madams. Her ability to easily find holes in the pack, enabled her to score quite a few points for the cute-n-brutals. Rogue Rage and DeeLicious are both aggressive, fast skaters and Irene Supreme has a crazy, low stance which she held the entire time jamming. Very impressive! I have to add that one of my new favorite derby names is ASSault Shaker, brilliant! I know I have probably left out some good players (on both sides) and didn't get to watch all of you girls show off your skills, but I can say that overall, everyone did a great job and I can't wait for part 2!
Oh and those Roller Rebels! You've gotta love Roxy Heartless, "the prepared vegetarian", for packing her very own hummus and chips, Sleeping Booty for the amazing coconut "coffee" she had me try and D-Ball for the most innovative tie around!
Thanks Morristown for hosting a great bout!

On another note, I wanted to thank those of you who emailed me after reading my last post and thanks to my sister Frann (forever my favorite athlete) for her comment! It really meant a lot!!

OK, I'm off to write my next entry.......


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