Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ask Etta

I'm happy to welcome all of you back to the second edition of Ask Etta. Thank you to all of my loyal readers for continuing to send your questions in! Today, I'm responding to your inquiries about skate classes and bout production.

Hey Etta,
What kind of run through did you guys have with the skate parts? We're looking at having a 'gear session' run by our resident gear nut, and I know she wants to show people how to clean bearings etc (cause some of our girls just.don't).We just did an intensive jam workshop, it was so, so good! -Ivanna Shoverova, Adelaide Roller Derby
Hi Ivanna!
In our skate class, our league captain took apart her skates and explained each and every part to the class. She went over the purpose each part serves and recommended the brands or types to buy. We discussed everything from the plates, to the bearings to how to take your skates apart and put them back together. She explained the importance of rotating wheels and cleaning bearings. In addition, one of our veteran skaters, Roxy Heartless talked about Riedell’s sizing chart and how various skates are available to help solve different types of foot pain and problems. We’ve also had classes in the past where we all brought our skates in and dismantled them together.
Both classes were very helpful.

Hey Etta!
At the bouts there is always a band or performer during halftime. Who are some of the scheduled performers for the 2009 season and how does a band get invited to play?

-Scorpion - LI Road Runners MC

Hi Scorpion,
We don't have any performers scheduled yet for 2009. The league has a Bout Production Committee who are in charge of scheduling and organizing everything needed to make a bout happen. This includes, but is not limited to, booking bands, a DJ and halftime show, ordering the tickets, ordering items necessary for making a track, assigning jobs to skaters who are not playing that day....the list goes on. Bands are booked several ways. Sometimes a derby girl approaches a band they hear and asks them if they would be interested in playing. Other times, the performers contact us. Any interested performers can reach Sleeping Booty, Bout Production Director, at


sleeping booty said...

aww yeah! i thought i heard my name... to scorpion, or anyone else interested in playing at our bouts- shoot an email or hit me up on myspace so we can hear your stuff! (search for *sleeping booty)

we also rent tables at the bouts- so contact me if you've got some cool stuff to sell, or are interested in getting your organization's info out there.

thanks! hope to see you soon,
*my booty valentine (in 3-D)

The Long Island Roller Rebels said...

Now that's one organized Booty!