Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Luck to All!

Our fresh bloods are very excited over here on Long Island. Tomorrow night, they take the roller derby written skills test. This is just part one of the process one must go through in order to become an official Long Island Roller Rebel. Part two will take place next Tuesday when the girls gear up and hit the rink for the physical skills test. Finally, they can take all of their hard work and knowledge and quite literally put it to the test. I know some of you are worried and nervous, but remember this, us veterans were in your shoes, er, skates once too. We did what you're doing to get where we are today and if we could do it, why can't you?!

Now the fun begins! Once these ladies pass their tests, they are eligible to choose their derby name. This is always something we all really look forward to. Having a new identity can be so much fun! Our internal message boards have been flooded with talks of new aliases. Variations of different puns have been mentioned. Extensions of real names too. In the spirit of this thrilling time, Sleeping Booty came up with an awesome idea. Let's ask all of YOU for some suggestions.

So, The Rebel Yell will now hold it's first official contest and here's how it's gonna work. Email me (no comments for this one please) derby name suggestions. If a fresh blood chooses one of your names, you win a free Roller Rebels t-shirt. If none of the submitted names are chosen, well then this T-shirt will be up for grabs at a later date. There is no limit to the amount of names you can submit. Final submission date is Monday, February 23rd at 5PM EST. Go, now, email me


P.S. Roller Rebels are not eligible to win.


sleeping booty said...

yeaahh!!! name that booty!

Anonymous said...

i know its a little off topic but for vday i got a book called Roller Derby by Catherine Mabe...aka Jayne Manslaughter from Denver Colorado. I was so excited that my gift included the book and then to my shock and squealing I turned to pg 116 and i see C-Roll on the page and our team was mentioned. I really like this book since it goes over the derby history, various players now and even then etc. I highly recommend it to all our fresh bloods and anyone else who loves derby!